Woolly Flying Squirrel distribution and information requested

In April 2023 we have been looking for Cheers Pheasant in Himachal Pradesh on the eastern edge of the Great Himalayan National Park. We were not planning any night or mammal watching activity, just started very early to be able to complete the climb and be in suitable habitat by dawn. We arrived to the site early when it was still dark, the beginning of twiglight (2400 meter asl) and a flying object caught my eyes as it was gliding from a great distance (from a patch of woodland) to a barren boulder.strewn hillside. It was still dark but the object landed on a rock against the sky and we could see it was a big squirrel with a huge fluffy tail. It moved higher on the slope amongst the rocks. As we had no powerful torches with us we could not take any photos. According to my research the only possible ‘flying’ species by elevation, size and having a thick bushy tail would be Eupetaurus cinereus (Western Woolly Flying Squirrel). However I could not find any information of its distribution, especially in Himachal Pradesh – although it is supposedly occurs in Kashmir and possibly in Western Nepal?! Does anybody have information of the distribution of this species? Also it is probably a threatened species so the observation could be of significance for nature conservation.

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