I backpacked through Belize in 1989 and spent a night at the Bermudan Landing Howler Monkey Sanctuary. A great little place, set up to protect the Guatemalan Black Howler Monkeys that were easily seen. I also saw  Proboscis Bats, roosting on a tree stump at the edge of the river. At other times of year, the villagers told me that Tapirs, Peccaries and even Jaguars are around, and I saw what was probably a Bottlenose Dolphin en route to Caye Caulker.

Community Reports

Belize, 2021: Paul Carter’s notes 2 weeks & 40+ species including Baird’s Tapir and Hatt’s Vesper Rat.

Belize, 2018: Julio Balona, 10 days with species including KinkajousBlack Howler Monkeys and a Woolly Opossum and some nice bats including Thomas’s Sac-winged Bat.

Belize, 2016: Robert Foster, 2 weeks & 20 species including JaguarundiVesper Rat and Yucatan Black Howler, with evidence of over 20 others (alive and dead) including trail cam pictures of a Jaguar.

Central America, 2011 & 12: Dominique Brugiere, combined notes on two trips through the Yucatan, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. Lots of mammals.

Belize, 2010: Alan Dahl, 1 week & 7 mammals including Red Brocket Deer and Grey Fox.

Belize, 2008: Alan Dahl, 1 week & 11 mammals including an Ocelot and a probable Jaguarundi.

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