I haven’t visited Botswana yet, but I have included community reports from those who have.

Community Reports

Okavango & the Kalahari- Cat Roundup, 2022: Chris D’s report of multiple cat trips with Serval in the Okavango and Brown Hyena at Deception Valley Lodge.

Hwange & Chobe NPs, 2022Pictus Safaris, 10 days & 33 species including Roan and Sable Antelopes and Bush Hyrax.

Chobe National Park, 2018: Michael Johnson, 5 days & 19 species including Southern Galago.

Zimbabwe, Botswana and Marrick (South Africa), 2018: Félix Serrano López, 2 weeks and about 60 species including Sable, Honey Badger, Spot-necked Otter, Black-footed Cat and mating  Aardvarks.

Namibia, Botswana and Zambia, 2016: Wise Birding, 18 days & 55 species including Brown Hyena, Caracal, Wild Dog and Bushveld Sengi.

Namibia & a bit of Botswana, 2016: Richard Webb, 2 weeks & 53 species including Honey BadgerSpotted-necked OtterDassie Rat and Western Rock Sengi.

Namibia & a bit of Botswana, 2016: Félix Serrano López, 16 days & 57 species including AardvarkAardwolfSpotted-necked Otter and Honey Badger. (In Spanish and English).

Botswana, 2013: Indri Tours, 10 days & 34 mammals including Wild Dogs, Honey Badger, Roan & Sable Antelopes and Sitatungas.

Botswana, 2013: Van Harris, 11 days & 35 species including Wild Dogs.

Dubai & Southern Africa, 2012: Bob Berghaier, 1 week and an interesting report with the highlights including Oryx, Arabian and Sand Gazelles in Dubai, and a Honey Badger in Chobe (Botswana).

South Africa and Botswana, 2012: Juan Luis Ortega Herranz, 2 weeks and 54 species including Brown Hyena, Caracal, Honey Badger and Black-tailed Tree Rat.

Namibia and Botswana, 2012: Steve Anyon-Smith and Barry Sean Virtue, 1 month & 50+ species including Honey Badgers and some interesting rodents.

Southern Africa, 2009 (Botswana, Namibia and South Africa): Coke Smith, 7 weeks and 118 species and subspecies including Caracal and Aardvark.

Southern Africa, 2008-09: Vadimir Dinets’s notes of a long trip through 9 Countries. Many mammals including Selous Mongoose and Brown Hyena in Botswana.

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