S1 Episode 10: Martin Royle (Royle Safaris)


We interview Martin Royle about the vision behind his ecotour company Royle Safaris. We talk about how much work has gone into designing tours that actually see (rather than search for) Javan Rhinos and Siberian Tigers, plus the cascading conservation benefits that come from small scale ecotourism. And we hear about some of Martin’s adventures along the way, including that time he thought a Tiger had eaten his friend.


Notes: Martin has a heap of trip reports on mammalwatching.com, just search for “Royle”, including a 2018 trip to Java, and 2017 in Sibera. If you want to read about – or donate to – the Trees for Tigers non-profit then click here. And here is something from the BBC about Spain’s rogue Orcas. Cover art – Siberian Tiger – by Alexander Batalov.