S1 Episode 14: Wendy Panaino


We interview Wendy Panaino from the field in South Africa, about her research on one of Africa’s rarest, most endangered and most endearing mammals: the Ground (Cape) Pangolin. Wendy’s ground breaking research means she probably knows more about this species than anyone in the world and she shares some of her findings with us, including an explanation of how one even starts to study an animal this hard to find. Wendy also describes some of the other fascinating mammal species that she encounters, nonchalantly shrugging off the perils of spending nights alone wandering through the Kalahari desert following pangolins and avoiding lions.


Information on the Tswalu Reserve is here, and on the Tsawlu Foundation is here along with an interview with Wendy on their website. Bruce Young’s Eye of the Pangolin film, featuring footage of Wendy at work, is on YouTube. Some of the discussion on Facebook about “when is a species truly wild” is copied into the comments section of the last podcast episode announcement on mammalwatching.com. Cover art: Ground Pangolin, Wendy Panaino.