S1 Episode 18: The Mammalwatchers’ Offspring


On New Year’s Eve 2021, Ellesmere and Sierra Foley sat down with Patrick and Katy Hall to reflect on the highs and lows of growing up in a mammalwatching world. Ellesmere reveals the real reason to visit the Louvre, and Patrick gives tips on how to stare down a Tassie Devil. Sierra has an overly-close encounter with leeches. And Katy makes a shocking confession about feeling “lucky” to have had a mammalwatching childhood!

Plus see if you can identify a mysterious mammal call that Charles plays at the start of the episode. More than 99% of mammalwatchers won’t know the answer.


f you think you know what animal made the mysterious noises that Charles played at the start of the podcast please email us at mammalwatching@gmail.com. Cover art: from left to right, Ellesmere, Sierra, Katy and Patrick on New Year’s Eve, by Lara Foley.