S1 Episode 7: José G. Martínez-Fonseca


We interview  José G. Martínez-Fonseca about his journey from part-time bat catcher in Nicaragua to studying for his PhD in biology in Arizona. Highlights include some of his legendary exploits in the field, risking life and limb to capture mammals on the move for the greater good of science and mammalwatchers everywhere.


 Here is an account of Jose catching the Rufous Tree Rat. This is Fiona Reid’s report of the trip on which Jose caught the Water Opossum. And Jon’s report of his 86 mammal week with Jose in Nicaragua. There are dozens of trip reports on looking for Iberian Lynxes in Andujar on mammalwatching’s Spain page. Cover art – Water Opossum, or Yapok – by José G. Martínez-Fonseca.