S2 E14: Expedition to Chad


We talk with Brendan and Dan Nugent – Australian mammalwatching newcomers – about their recent expedition to Chad with Jon. They talk about the other-worldly scenery of the Ended Massif; the Dama Gazelles of Ouadi-Rimé – “the most beautiful things they have ever never heard of”; and a safari on steroids in Zakouma National Park, including being in the middle of tens of millions of Red-billed Quelea (yes, birds!). Plus Brendan explains how ear plugs can help you survive the horrors of a pit toilet.


Brendan, Dan and Jon travelled to Chad with Pictus Safaris. Jon’s trip report will very shortly be up at https://www.mammalwatching.com/gd_place/chad/. You can add you cat and primate lists here.

Cover art: Dama Gazelle, Jon Hall.