I haven’t been to Chad yet, but I’ve included community reports from those that have.

Community Reports

Central and Northern Chad, 2022: Els Slots account of a trip to Chad in search of a Fennec Fox, with other species including Dorcas Gazelles and Patas Monkeys.

Zakouma, 2022Pictus Safaris, 10 days & 40 species including ServalPale FoxRed-fronted Gazelle and Red-flanked Duiker.

Zakouma, Ouadi Rime  & Ennedi, 2022: Zarek Cockar, 2 weeks & 42 species including Patas Monkey, Pale Fox, Red-fronted Gazelle, plus reintroduced Addax and Oryx.

Zakouma National Park, 2018: Tom Clode, 1 week & 31 species including Patas Monkey, Red-fronted Gazelle, Red-flanked Duiker and 16 Servals.

Zakouma National Park, 2018: John Weir, 1 week & 37 species including Red-fronted GazellePatas MonkeyHoney Badger and a Marsh Mongoose.

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Please email me if you have tips for mammal watching in this area.

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