S2 E21: Patricia Medici


Charles and Jon talk to conservationist and tapir champion Dr Patricia Medici from her home in Brazil’s Pantanal.

Patricia is a founding member of the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (Institute for Ecological Research), a Brazilian non-governmental organization which she helped set up in 1992. She also chairs the IUCN’s Special Survival Commission Tapir Specialist Group, a network of over 130 tapir conservationists from 27 different countries.

We talk with Patricia about her work and the threats the different tapir species face. She explains how her professional career took a sharp turn towards conservation after meeting Brazil’s most boring architect, and she describes the difficulties in working with a 300kg animal, particularly if you find yourself in a pitfall trap with a Lowland Tapir that is regaining consciousness.


If you are inspired to donate to Patricia’s NGO – the I.P.E. – then click here.
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Cover Art: Patricia Medici at work.