S2 E9: Jo Setchell


Charles and Jon talk to Professor Jo Setchell from her home in the UK. Dr Setchell, a distinguished primatologist and anthropologist, has studied primates in Cameroon, Gabon, the DRC and Borneo and has particular research interests in sexual selection among Mandrills and primate conservation. Destined for a career in primatology from the age of two, when she was inseparable from her toy monkey, Jo’s fascinating research has proved important for science and conservation. And some work – such as discovering that the reddest male Mandrills are a sort of simian Brad Pitt – has cast a whole new light on Mandrill romance.


Jon’s trip report from Bioko Island will soon be available at https://www.mammalwatching.com/bioko-island/.  Charles’s 2022 Lynx trip is here.  And this is a video of the UK “mole hunter” Jon mentioned. But is it a hoax? And if not, how can we learn this magic?!