Bioko Island

I spent a week on Bioko Island in January 2023.

The Caldera (Reserva Científica de la Caldera de San Carlos)

Western Tree Hyrax (Dendrohyrax dorsalis)

Four nights in Moraka Camp inside the reserve produced Drill, Pennant’s Red Colobus, Red-eared and Crowned Monkeys, Ogilby’s Duiker and four species of squirrel: African Giant, Red-legged Sun Squirrel, Green Squirrel and Red-cheeked Rope Squirrel.

Lord Derby’s Anomalure (Anomalurs derbianus)

After dark we saw Lord Derby’s and Beecroft’s Anomaures, Western Tree Hyraxes, Forest Giant Pouched Rat, Allen’s Hylomyscus and Cameroon Soft-furred Mouse.


African Straw-coloured Fruit-bats (Eidolon helvum)

There were at least two fruit bat camps in the city in 2023.


Angolan Fruit Bat (Myonycteris angolensis)

2 nights in 2023 in the mountain village of Moraka produced Angolan Fruit Bats, several Northern Needle-clawed Galagos and a Red-legged Sun Squirrel.

Pico Basilé National Park

Preuss’s Monkey (Allochrocebus preussi)

During my first morning here in 2023 – walking a trail – I saw nothing. Returning to walk along the road produced several Preuss’s Guenons, a Bioko Hybomys and a Bioko Forest Shrew.

Community Reports

Bioko Island, 2023: Jon Hall,  8 days & 23 species including Pennant’s Red Colobus, Preuss’s Monkey, Drill and Bioko Hybomys.  (and here is an 11 minute video from Angiolo Laviziano documenting the trip).

Bioko Island, 2019: Justin Brown, 9 days & 11 species including DrillRed-eared MonkeyBlack ColobusBioko Allen’s Galago and Brush-tailed Porcupine.

Bioko Island, 2017: Curtis Hart, two prolonged visits with species including Drill, Cameroon Scaly-tail, Black Colobus, African Lingsang and Tree Pangolin.

Bioko Island, 2014-15: Curtis Hart’s notes of a 5 month stay on the island. Many exciting mammals including Drill, Black Colobus, Target Rat, Tree Pangolin, Cameroon Scaly-tail and African Linsang! (This report has been updated above).

Bioko Island: 96-2000: Bob Berghaier’s report of mammals seen during 4 research trips to this interesting area between 1996 and 2000. He recorded 26 species including Drill, Ogilby’s Duiker and 4 species of Guenon’s. He also provided some notes on the natural history of the island and travel advice.

Also See

Daan Drukker’s excellent Field Guide to West African Squirrels and Anomalures, with downloadable sound recordings, March 2023

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