S2 Episode 4: Christopher Scharf


We talk to Christopher Scharf about his 30 year quest to photograph the planet’s most iconic wildlife – a project that is destined to be a time capsule of 21st century wildlife observation. Chris talks about some of the near mythical mammals he has seen and the near mythical adventures along the way. We hear how a quest to photograph a Markhor required an undercover journey into Afghanistan disguised as a local. He explains why finally seeing a wild Sumatran Rhino this year – after repeated attempts – still wasn’t enough to take that species off his bucket list. And he recounts some worryingly close encounters with both Tigers and tapirs.


Chris’s website is here. He doesn’t have many reports on mammalwatching.com but here’s a summary of his last three (extreme) Sumatran Rhino expeditions from Martin Royle. Cover art: Chris and a Black and White Ruffed Lemur in Madagascar.