Harrier Tours is a local travel company based in Uganda the pearl of Africa. We started way back in 2013 and we have successfully organized many guided tours around Uganda and Rwanda.

We have a committed team of professional staff both in our office and in the field that have dedicated their life to nature hence offering our customers the best, comfortable and superb adventure of their life time experience, We offer the following packages to our Clients;

  1. Gorilla Trekking and Habituation.
  2. Chimpanzee Trekking and Habituation.
  3. Golden Cats
  4. Primate tours.
  5. Birding tours.
  6. General Wildlife Tours.
  7. Photography and Filming Tours.
  8. Cultural Tours.
  9. Mountain Climbing.

Suggested Itineraries

Here are three sample itineraries for your Uganda safari.

Golden Cats: a 10 day quest for the mythical Golden Cat plus some other great mammals

Mammalwatching and other wildlife: a 23 day tour of the best of Uganda

Primates and Birds: a16 day trip in search of Uganda’s many special primates, a host of other mammals and lots of great birds.


You can meet Harriet, Harrier Tours’ founder, on the mammalwatching podcast.