1StopBorneo Wildlife

Area: Borneo

Type: Tour Operator & Conservation NGO

Email 1stopborneo@gmail.com

Phone: +60128248052, +60145502734

1StopBorneo Wildlife is a conservation group based in Borneo, led by a group of ecologists, including Shavez Cheema, who work on mammals, reptiles , birds and flora. They are primarily based in Sabah ( in Tawau Hills) and have carried out mammal research in Brunei, Sabah and across Borneo.

1StopBorneo have published several field guides including A field guide to Tawau Hills Park, A Pocket Guide to the Mammals of Borneo, Fun Facts on Pangolins, and books on the Figs of Borneo and Elephants are both in the pipeline.

They lead mammalwatching tours over Borneo and use the profits to sustain conservation programs such as their Pangolin rescue service.


Sabah & Sarawak, 2022: Shavez Cheema’s helpful mammal guide to several sites on the island with species including Sun BearIrawaddy Dolphin and Marbled Cat.

Southern Sabah, 2020: Nick Brierly and Shavez Cheema, 1 month & some great species including Sun BearMarbled Cat and Tufted Ground Squirrel.

Tawau, 2020: Ralph Lawson, 5 days & 37 species including Irawaddy DolphinTarsierBanded Linsang and Marbled Cat.