Adventure Alternative Borneo

Adventure Alternative Borneo

Area: Borneo

Type: Tour Operator

Phone +60198020549

Adventure Alternative Borneo pioneered nature tourism to the now rightly famous Deramakot Forest Reserve in the Heart of Sabah.
Formed 7 years ago, AA Borneo specialises in group and private bespoke wildlife trips throughout Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo and has a sister company covering Indonesia.
It continues to diversify and search out new locations for prime Borneo wildlife species such as the Sunda Clouded Leopard, Bay Cat, Flat Headed Cat, Pygmy Elephant, Orangutan, rare Langur’s and Civets, Banteng and Binturong.
It is also launching in 2019 a pioneering fig planting program in conjunction with Quentin Phillips and BORA that hopes to establish a network of fig nurseries at key locations throughout Sabah.


Sabah, 2017: Fiona Reid, 18 days & 66 species including Spotted Giant Flying SquirrelBanded LinsangMarbled Catand Otter Civet.

Deramakot Forest Reserve, 2015: Jon Hall, 4 nights and 30 species including Binturong, Spot-winged Bat and Banded Palm Civet.