Cat Expeditions

Area: Global

Type: Tour Operator

Cat Expeditions leads ethical wild cat photo tours to destinations around the world, offering exclusive luxury safaris to see and photograph felines. This includes trips to see and photograph Bobcats in California, Jaguars in Brazil, Pumas in Patagonia, Iberian Lynx in Spain, Big Cats in Botswana, Serval and Caracal in Tanzania, Manul in Mongolia, Tigers in India, and the cats of Borneo in Malaysia. More tours are being planned and finalized. Non-photographers are always welcome.

Cat Expeditions prides itself on contributing to conservation. Every cat expedition has a conservation aspect built into the tour. Sometimes that is in direct action, like building rabbit warrens in Spain for the Iberian Lynx, other times it is contributing financially to wild cat projects in the area. As of May 2023, Cat Expeditions has donated 28,000 USD to conservation projects.
Custom tours for wild cats are also possible. Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions!


Manul Safari, 2022: 8 days & 5 species including Mongolian Hamster and Pallas’s Cats.