Royle Safaris

Area: Global

Type: Tour Operator

Royle Safaris specialises in mammal watching trips all over the world, focusing on some of the rarest and most elusive species. We have pioneered trips for Siberian Tigers, Amur Leopards, Javan Rhinos, Babirusa, Sumatran Rhino and many more rare species. We run private tours, tailored tours and have a set number of group tours departing annually.


Ujung Kulong, 2018: Royle Safaris, 10 days & 19 species including Banteng and two Javan Rhinos!

Madagascar, 2018: Royle Safaris, 3 weeks & 53 species including Aye AyeFossa and 26 species of Lemur.

Sabah Rare Mammals Tour, 2018: Royle Safaris, 15 days & 66 species including a Collared MongooseWhiskered Flying Squirrel and Sunda Stink Badger.