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Keith Barnes


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Don’t let the name fool you. We are as obsessed with mammals as we are birds, herps and other wildlife. Our new category of ‘Enigmatic Wildlife’ tours focusses on quality experiences with amazing animals that were once considered near-mythical. These are not just souped-up safaris, but extraordinary journeys to experience the rarest and least-frequently encountered creatures on Earth. So if your desire is Clouded Leopard in Borneo, Snow Leopard, Pallas’ Cat and Bactrian Camel in Mongolia, Aardvark and Aardwolf in South Africa, Takin, Red Panda and Wild Yak in Sichuan, Perrier’s Sifaka and Fosa in Madagascar, or any other dream mammal, please contact our team with 20 years’ experience of making wild dreams come true. Having authored books on the Wildlife of Madagascar, Mammals of Kruger NP, and Wildlife of Australia we are much more than just bird brains.


Madagascar, 2019: Tropical Birding, 1 month & 42 species including Black Lemur, Perrier’s Sifaka and Fossa