Visiting the Golden Lion Tamarins

Hi all.  I am making a trip to the Pantanal next September. In the process of planning that trip I thought about staying in Rio and going make a trip to see the GLT.  However, I had a hard time getting reliable information on how to do this.  I contacted the ‘Save the Golden Lion Tamarin’ organization here in the US.  I just heard back from them with some visitor information.  Sounds like they have now set up formal way to make this visit.  Too bad this information came long after my plans were finalized and I can’t change them now.  But, I thought I would pass along the attached in case anyone else was interested.  Hopefully, this pdf attachment comes through OK in this post.




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    Jon Hall 2 years ago

    Thanks Alan – this is helpful. I will link to this on my Brazil page too. Sorry you won’t get a chance to visit. Jon

  2. Livetowander 2 years ago

    I’ve also been exploring the option of visiting the Tamarins from Rio and have been in communication with Eugenio Souza ( ) . Otherwise I also found information to be quite scarce.

  3. Paul 2 years ago

    I wish I had known about this. I saw the Tamarins during summer of 2015 and have trip report that Jon help post. I have contact information for local guide that can arrange.

  4. Aniket 9 months ago

    Has anyone made this trip recently? Something Im quite interested to do as some point, although would probably want a few days there to get decent images. The review on Trip Advisor says a day trip costs $625 per person! Would be interested to hear if anyone spent a few days there.

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