Trustom Pond, Rhode Island

Not sure if it’s a bumper year for small mammals in Rhode Island but I just spent a very happy 3.5 hours at Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge this afternoon.  Tons of Southern Bog Lemmings, 2 Meadow Jumping Mice, a Southern Red-backed Vole, a shrew (probably a Smoky Shrew) and a New England Cottontail. The first 3 were lifers for me. 


  1. Profile photo of vdinets
    vdinets 2 years ago

    Well, it sure doesn’t sound like a normal year anywhere east of Kansas…

  2. Profile photo of mattinidaho
    mattinidaho 2 years ago

    Excellent. Will you be doing a trip report with photos?

    • Profile photo of Jon Hall
      Jon Hall 2 years ago

      Yes Matt – I first need to do my California trip report from last weekend but I will catch up!

  3. Gina Sheridan 11 months ago

    Hi Jon,

    Any advice for seeing the NE Cottontail and S. Bog Lemmings? Did you see these after dark?

  4. Profile photo of Jon Hall Author
    Jon Hall 11 months ago

    Hi Gina. I saw the lemmings in the morning and afternoon. The cottontails towards sunset. The park closes at sunset and I left before then though I don’t think there’s a gate and I’d be surprised if anyone worried about you walking around after dark.

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