Trustom Pond, Rhode Island

Not sure if it’s a bumper year for small mammals in Rhode Island but I just spent a very happy 3.5 hours at Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge this afternoon.  Tons of Southern Bog Lemmings, 2 Meadow Jumping Mice, a Southern Red-backed Vole, a shrew (probably a Smoky Shrew) and a New England Cottontail. The first 3 were lifers for me. 


  1. vdinets 7 years ago

    Well, it sure doesn’t sound like a normal year anywhere east of Kansas…

  2. mattinidaho 7 years ago

    Excellent. Will you be doing a trip report with photos?

    • Jon Hall 7 years ago

      Yes Matt – I first need to do my California trip report from last weekend but I will catch up!

  3. Gina Sheridan 6 years ago

    Hi Jon,

    Any advice for seeing the NE Cottontail and S. Bog Lemmings? Did you see these after dark?

  4. Author
    Jon Hall 6 years ago

    Hi Gina. I saw the lemmings in the morning and afternoon. The cottontails towards sunset. The park closes at sunset and I left before then though I don’t think there’s a gate and I’d be surprised if anyone worried about you walking around after dark.

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