Pygmy Hippos?

Greetings all

We’re new to this at Birding Ecotours/Mammal Ecotours but trying!

Looking into possibility of finding Pygmy Hippos. Any ideas?

When I get a bit more accustomed to posting I can perhaps share some trip reports from myself and colleagues. Most of our trips are bird-focused but we do of course see good mammals on them. We have also done a few trips looking specifically for mammals such as Aardvark, Black-footed Cat and others….get to some great places such as Bhutan, Uganda and Gabon but only sometimes do we have all the gen on the mammals.





  1. Venkat Sankar 10 months ago

    Tiwai Island in Sierra Leone is supposedly a good place to try, but they’re still difficult (I know of people hearing them crashing into brush and finding tracks, but no good sightings). It’s apparently also a great place to see Diana Monkey and other Upper Guinea endemic primates…

  2. Chris Roche 10 months ago

    You could try Tai National Park in western Cote d’Ivoire as an alternative. Picathartes are present, as are Diana monkey and a whole host of other primates.
    I did not record pygmy hippo sign at all, but was there for a limited time.

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