Pygmy Hippos?

Greetings all

We’re new to this at Birding Ecotours/Mammal Ecotours but trying!

Looking into possibility of finding Pygmy Hippos. Any ideas?

When I get a bit more accustomed to posting I can perhaps share some trip reports from myself and colleagues. Most of our trips are bird-focused but we do of course see good mammals on them. We have also done a few trips looking specifically for mammals such as Aardvark, Black-footed Cat and others….get to some great places such as Bhutan, Uganda and Gabon but only sometimes do we have all the gen on the mammals.






  • Venkat Sankar

    Tiwai Island in Sierra Leone is supposedly a good place to try, but they’re still difficult (I know of people hearing them crashing into brush and finding tracks, but no good sightings). It’s apparently also a great place to see Diana Monkey and other Upper Guinea endemic primates…

  • Chris Roche

    You could try Tai National Park in western Cote d’Ivoire as an alternative. Picathartes are present, as are Diana monkey and a whole host of other primates.
    I did not record pygmy hippo sign at all, but was there for a limited time.

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