Berlin Mammals RFI

I will be in Berlin at the end of June.  Does anyone know whether I could try to see a European Hamster , Southern Water Vole or European Ground Squirrel close or closish (say 300km) from the city?





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  • Felix

    Dear Jon,

    I am afraid that European Ground Squirrel is as far as I know extinct in Germany.
    The last ones were found near Dresden in the very south east. In the Tchech Republic the species still occours I think.
    Southern Water Vole does not occour in Germany as far as I know. You could try to find Arvicola terestris at the Linumer Teiche northwest of Berlin.
    European Hamsters have become very scarce in Germany but apparently they can still be found around Halle in Sachsen Anhalt. There is a lot of research on the species at the
    University Halle. I would try to contact people there sorry I have no e-mail adress for you.
    If you can’t find anyone to show you the Hamsters I would try to search the area around the forest Hakel in Sachsen-Anhalt.

    Greetings from Germany

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