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I am taking a short trip to Oregon in early March, to Portland and the North Umpqua River. The main purpose of the trip is fly fishing for steelhead, but I’d like to look for mammals while I’m there. I’m particularly interested in seeing western gray squirrel, Douglas squirrel, Townsend’s chipmunk and mountain beaver.

Any information appreciated. —Matt Miller

  1. Curtis Hart 13 years ago

    Check Vladimir Dinets home page for some info on Aplodontia. Apparently there is a good place near Mount Hood.

  2. Profile photo of Jon Hall
    Jon Hall 13 years ago

    Hi Matt, how did you get on? I guess the Chipmunks were still dormant? I spoke to vladimir and he said Lolo Pass near Mount Hood is a good spot for the Aplodontia. I suspect you found the squirrels?


  3. Author
    Matt Miller 13 years ago

    It was raining hard or was cold the entire time I was there. I saw a lot of black-tailed deer and Merriam’s turkeys but unbelievably no squirrels other than Eastern gray squirrels in Portland. Not much was moving in the rain.

    I didn’t even catch a fish. It is a beautiful area though. It’s not that far from me so I need to get there for some dedicated wildlife watching.

  4. Greg Easton 13 years ago

    I’m headed to the Oregon Coast the end of March to do some whale watching with my wife and 4 young kids. I’ll let you know if we see anything interesting. We are taking a boat ride out of Depoe Bay.

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