RFI Amsterdam, Praque and Singapore

Hi. I am acting as a standby carer for my elderly parents on an Amsterdam to Budapest Rhine/Danube river cruise. I have a couple of spare days (and nights) in each of Amsterdam, Prague and Singapore. Can anyone point me in the direction of the less commonly seen mammls in those areas. I have seen the more common larger species in Europe but am keen to catch up on shrews, bats, rodents or small carnivores. Can you reccommend spots or guides. Timing is – Amsterdam in late April, and Prague and Singapore in late May. Singapore (SE Asia) is a clean slate so any mammals there would be great. We are Australian, hence the Singapore stop-over. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers Malcolm Turner


  • Jeroen


    East of Amsterdam are the Oostvaardersplassen, between Almere and Lelystad. Newly created swamp and reedlands with large herds of konik horses, heck cattle and red deer. Overall maybe not really your original wildlife habitat, but my favourite wildlife spot. Lots of foxes, egrets, roe deer, some white tailed eagles, stoats and stuff.
    The dunes around Haarlem have lots of (almost tame) foxes too and fallow and roe deer.
    A bit further, north of Arnhem, are our biggest forests. Deer, wild boar and small change on pine marten and badgers.
    The coast near my town (Vlaardingen) gives a good change on grey and harbour seals.

    Let me know if you want more information.

    Don’t forget the area between Wien and the Hungary border: beautiful river forests full of boar, deer and beaver!

    Good luck!

  • Curtis Hart

    I saw Slender Squirrels, Plantain Squirrels, Common Treeshrews and Long-tailed Macaques in Bukit Timah reserve in Singapore. The macaques were near the entry and the rest were all on the something Cave trail. I would guess they could be anywhere in the reserve though. It is easy to access by cab.

  • lenoxs

    Why not just visit the 2 zoos in Singapore ? The Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, both side by side. You might like to see the Jurong Bird Park too if you have time to see some birds…..

  • Malcolm Turner

    Thanks for the comments. It has given mw some clues to follow up. I still have no idea of areas around Prague where I will be for five days. Anyone know of good forest or caves with bats in the area of eastern Czech Republic?

  • paul

    Re singapore:
    There is a colony of smooth otter Lutrogale perspicillata at Sungai Buloh
    Wetland Reserve. http://www.sbwr.org.sg/
    Ask the ranger where the most likely spots to see them are…
    Bukit Timah: there are also Malayan Colugo Cynocephalus variegatus in the park, sometimes they can be seen on the trees during the day, ask at the ranger station as they may know where they are roosting. Other possible species in the park include Slow Loris Nycticebus coucang, Lesser Mousedeer Tragulus javanicus fulviventer, Sunda Pangolin Manis javanica and various bats, but you would probably need to spotlight.

  • Jerzy Dyczkowski


    All recent mammal records from Netherlands you can see here:

    You may pick something of interest. Besides Oostwaardeplassen you can go to sea pier at Ijmuiden, which sometimes has porpoises and grey and common seals in windless weather, but far from regular.

  • taihaku

    Just going back to an old thread in case anyone comes across it again; I always found Singapore zoo to be the best place in Sg to see wild Malayan Colugo – they can be found in the trees in and above the enclosures ( at remarkably close range to the paths)

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