Australian Bat Society trying to save the Christmas Island Pipistrelle

The Christmas Island pipistrelle looks set to be the latest in Australia’s long line of mammalian extinctions … please write to the Environment Minister (details below) to help keep up the pressure.


With out intervention, the Christmas Island Pipistrelle will become extinct very soon. Parks Australia and Minister Garrett have been aware of this for several months and, unbelievably, are still failing to act. Please add you name and email the letter below to Minister Garrett ( and then forward to as many of your friends and colleagues as possible asking them to do the same.

The Honourable Peter Garrett
Minister for the Environment
Dear Minister Garrett
I understand the Christmas Island Threatened Species Committee submitted a report to you at least three weeks ago. In it they provided recommendations for the management of the Christmas Island Pipistrelle. Why are you failing to act on those recommendations?
You have been advised that, with intervention, extinction of the Christmas Island Pipistrelle could be avoided. You have also been advised, ever since January, of the necessity to implement rescue actions as quickly as possible. Why then, given the knowledge that every day increases the likelihood of extinction, do you still fail to act?
Left alone, extinction for Christmas Island Pipistrelle is inevitable. Implementation of a rescue plan to save the Pipistrelle, successful or not, is the most appropriate and ethical course of action. Failure to do anything, under constant advise to the contrary, is negligent and accountable.
Yours sincerely,

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