Tiger Quoll photos at Werrikimbe

If anyone is in Australia and wants to see a Tiger Quoll (one of Australia’s finest mammals in my opinion and not an easy one to see) then an habituated animal is hanging out at the Brushy Mountain Campsite in Werrikimbe NP (in NSW inland from Port Maquarie). Search on flickr for “Werrikimbe” and you should see a lot of photos of the animal in question.



  • Steve Anyon-Smith

    Hi Jon, Apparently three quoll territories intersect at the campsite so several individuals (usually males) are possible.

  • kate

    Hi Jon and Steve, is this still a good spot to see tiger quoll ? If not , can you recommend any other locations ? I am really desperate to find one (I live in Sydney so NSW preferable). Thanks !

    • Jon Hall

      Hi Kate, sorry I don’t know (and haven’t been to Australia for a couple of years). Why not call the rangers? The best place I know for them is Tassie – especially Mountain Valley http://www.mountainvalley.com.au/welcome.html where they are (or at least used to be) regular. Let us know how you go Jon

      • Kate Buys

        Thanks Jon
        We’ve actually just returned from Tassie and saw devils at Mountain valley but no tiger quoll (saw plenty of eastern quolls at Mt Field and Bruny island though). I’ll try your suggestion of contacting the rangers at Werrikimbe, but if that fails we’ll return to Tasmania in the winter when apparently they’re easier to see!

  • Luke jackson

    Thungatti camp ground in New England national park in northern nsw is guaranteed. Throw a bit of ham around when you get there and the quolls will be there before you know it.

  • Kate Buys

    Just spent a few days at Guestwick Ecoresort near Stanthorpe – easy to see habituated Tiger quolls there (as well as Rufous bettongs and nesting Sugar Gliders) – awesome spot!

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