Visiting Grand Tetons

Hi all,

Next week I’ll be visiting the Grand Tetons for a number of days. I’m particularly keen to see a badger and was wondering if anyone had any tips for where I might look. Someone has helped me organise a night drive on some private land near Jackson, but I’m not sure whether its badger habitat. Any information would be much appreciated.



  • mattinidaho

    I’ve never seen a badger in the Grand Tetons. There are a number of meadows throughout the park and surrounding area (including the National Elk Refuge) that would seem promising. There are also a lot of Uinta ground squirrel colonies and I would focus on those areas at dusk and after dark.

    Depending on how much time you have, you could make the long drive to the Lamar Valley where there are sometimes very active badger dens.

    The naturalists on the Yellowstone Net forum are well keyed in to any unusual wildlife, so they would be the best source on whether badgers are being found in Yellowstone.

    Or you could go east into Idaho which has better badger habitat.

    My Yellowstone/Grand Teton trip report on this web site (on the Wyoming page) has info on some other places to see wildlife.

    Have fun.


    • tembo10

      Thanks for the suggestions Matt and for the tip on the Yellowstone forum. I think I will make my way up to the Lamar valley to see if I can find anything interesting up there.


      • tembo10

        Thanks for the tips on the Lamar Valley, Matt and Alan. I made it up there for a 1/2 day and spent 30 minutes watching 4 young badgers playing outside their den in mid-afternoon. The den is about 200-300 meters west of the turnoff to Slough Creek campsite in case anyone has the chance of getting up there. There are also 7 otters in Trout lake (further up the valley) putting on a good show. Saw several brown and black bears in the area as well, but you’ll be sharing those with about a squillion other vehicles.


  • Alan Dahl

    I have never seen a badger in the Tetons either. Besides the areas that Matt mentioned, all the sage brush out in the Antelope Flats and Gros Ventre area is good habitat. The folks at the Teton Science School out that way may know of some good areas to scout.

    We saw our first badger in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone this past May. It ran across the road in front of the car…pure luck.

    Good luck on your search. The Tetons are tremendous even if you don’t see any badgers.


  • Mike Collard

    Hi, different state, but I am birding in California at the moment, just come across this superb site, and am seeking sites in california for American Badger; I have watched European Badgers for many years and despite many visits to the US, this species has escaped me; any ideas as we will be in Yosemite/ Mono Lake/ White Mountains soon.

    My thanks/ MIke

  • Alan Dahl

    I live outside Sacramento and have only heard of one sighting of a Badger any where near hear. It was at the Sac NWR.

    It was seeing from the driving tour last summer. If you find other locations, please do share.

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