New Trip Report – Paraguay

I was in Paraguay last week and had a lot of fun in the Chaco. A trip report is here: 26 living species including a couple of Mouse Opposums and the very strange Chacoan Peccary.

I’m going to the USA tomorrow but will add a few trip reports others have sent when I get back at the end of the month. Please keep them coming!



  • Jerzy


    Excellent trip report!

    I actually have another matter. I got an idea which might be very useful and put it into the open for somebody to realize it. Why not make an online database of mammal images?

    There are such datablases for orientalbirdimages, neothropical bird club and african bird club. But there is none for mammals. The idea stuck me when I unsuccesfully looked for photos of squirrels and bats from Africa to compare to what I seen.

    I wonder if you or anybody else might be interested in that.

    PS. I know of some partial sites, like Arkive, but there is nothing for non-endangered and non-charismatic mammals.

  • Jon Hall

    That’s a good idea. I’m happy to help but is the technology hard to build an on line database? I would like to create wiki’s for where to find every species on each continent which we could all edit but that too requires a level of computer competence that is beyond me at the moment!

    • vladimir dinets

      I think it would be too much work for one person (even if we all help), but it might be possible to add it to some existing resource, like Wikispecies. Have you considered contacting them?

  • victor

    If you’re going through hell, keep going.

  • Curtis Hart

    Actually, this appears to have been started. The American Society of Mammalogists has an image library that is world wide. There are many gaps, but I beleive they take donations of photos. You can find the link to their website elsewhere on Jon’s mammal watching page.

  • Jerzy

    Curtis, unfortunately ASM collection is very small and inactive – primate page was last updated in 2005. Mega-databases of all life like wikispecies are also incomplete and too inactive to be of use.

    For setting a database, I guess it might be possible to obtain a copy of the software of one of bird societies and fill it with mammalian data.

    About pictures I wouldn’t worry. Database by definition is incomplete, and bird picture databases fill up quickly.

    But this is something I have no time to set up and maintain, thats why I put it online for somebody to pick up.

    I however have an idea for a logo – a pic of orangutan. 😉

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