Dolphins’ Hunting Techniques – Some Videos

Some lovely footage here from around the world – tall this info was all sent via Simon Allen in Australia
*Dolphins making mud-plume rings to encircle and scare prey to the air; narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough and recently shown on BBC’s ‘Life’.
*more BBC; first part showing dolphins surfing into prey (a similar occurrence occasionally results in the end of Australian salmon on the south coast of NSW); second part showing the ‘hydro-planing’ and intentional stranding seen in Shark Bay WA (two of the eight individuals they mention that engage in this specialist technique were doing this a few weeks ago – poor mullet!).
*Nat Geo this time; dolphins pursuing fish onto steep mud banks in Sth Carolina (note that it is always performed by sliding up on their right flanks, whilst beachers in WA do it on their bellies).

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