Information Request for Yunnan Trip!

Hello Colleagues!

I am hoping to organize a wildlife trip to Yunnan this New YEar (my dates are 28 January 2011 through 06 February, 2011).

We are very interested in finding the various species below at the below locations:

1. Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey – Baima Snow Mountain
2. Phayre’s Langur – Wulien NR
3. Hoolock’s Gibbon – Gaoligongshan NR
4. Black-necked Crane – Napahai Wetlands
5. REd Panda – where ever!

Any information would be greatly appreciated:



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  • Jerzy

    I suggest contacting Jesper Hornskov who regularily runs birding trips to Yunnan via Oriental Bird Club.

    best, and hope to see snub-nosed monkey myself one day.

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