ID confirmation of a couple Carrizo Plains Rodents

I was out at the Carrizo Plain last week and did quite well, despite being limited to the paved road at the southern end, due to extremely wet and muddy conditions.    I spent about 3 1/2 hours there, hiking and cruising, and conservatively saw 60+ rodents.   There were at least 7 species, however I was only able to photograph 2.

I’m pretty sure these are San Joaquin Pocket Mice, Perognathus inornatus.

San Juaquin Pocket Mouse

San Juaquin Pocket Mouse 2


I think this is Peromyscus maniculatus.

San Juaquin Deer Mouse


I also saw the 3 K-rats, Southern Grasshopper Mouse, and a California Pocket Mouse.




Curtis Hart

  1. vladimir dinets 12 years ago

    Yep, both IDs seem correct to me.

  2. Coke Smith 12 years ago

    The ID’s look good. What three K-rats did you see? Or were they three of the same? The Carizzo is a spectacular place for sure.

    • Curtis Hart 12 years ago

      Dipodomys heermanni
      Dipodomys ingens
      Dipodomys nitratoides

      I didn’t get the greatest looks at the smaller ones, but I did see all three, sometimes at once. Of the 60+ rodents that night, I’d say 40 or more were K-rats.

    • Curtis Hart 12 years ago

      BTW your unknown snake is a Gopher Snake, Pituophis catenifer.

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