New Trip Report – Snow Leopards in Ladakh

A really excellent report – with great photos too – of a successful quest to see Snow Leopards in Ladakh from Ulrik Andersen

Is anyone interested in trying to visit there late November this year with me?



  • John Fox

    I would love to do that trip, and probably can. I’ll know better in a few months.

  • Curtis Hart

    There’s a chance I could do it, but it’d have to be really late November.

  • Niels Poul Dreyer

    I am planning through World Wide India a trip with the same guide also late november. Why do we not lump the trips into one and do it together, I know 4-5 people who has a strong interest. I need to see a tiger + some birds before the trip which is in total 3 weeks, we could join up after that (if you only go for SL). The folks who went this year are frends to me. They say mid Feb 2012 is also a good time as it is milder and SL still very good.

  • Niels Poul Dreyer

    Dear John Hall

    It sound good, the trip has the same itinerary as the one the 8 danes did. You may want to see a Tiger in Corbett, if not you can go on the SL trip which comes on the second week on the 3 week trip.
    5-6 danes have expressed interest in my trip, we need to be 8.

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