New Trip Report – Snow Leopards in Ladakh

  1. John Fox 12 years ago

    I would love to do that trip, and probably can. I’ll know better in a few months.

  2. Curtis Hart 12 years ago

    There’s a chance I could do it, but it’d have to be really late November.

  3. Niels Poul Dreyer 12 years ago

    I am planning through World Wide India a trip with the same guide also late november. Why do we not lump the trips into one and do it together, I know 4-5 people who has a strong interest. I need to see a tiger + some birds before the trip which is in total 3 weeks, we could join up after that (if you only go for SL). The folks who went this year are frends to me. They say mid Feb 2012 is also a good time as it is milder and SL still very good.

    • Jon Hall 12 years ago

      Hi Niels, John, Curtis

      I will contact the company and see what they say about the trip and so on and get back to you via email


  4. Niels Poul Dreyer 12 years ago

    Dear John Hall

    It sound good, the trip has the same itinerary as the one the 8 danes did. You may want to see a Tiger in Corbett, if not you can go on the SL trip which comes on the second week on the 3 week trip.
    5-6 danes have expressed interest in my trip, we need to be 8.

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