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At the risk of taking over this forum with requests for information, has anyone been to the golden lion tamarin reintroduction site near Rio? I’m quite keen to go if you seen them living naturally in the field, but not if it’s zoo like – they’re at my local zoo. (In birder jargon are they tickable? )

I’ve found a company that arrange visits, Brazil Eco-travel, but they haven’t responded to emails. I’d been keen to know of other ways you can arrange a visit.




  • Steve Davis

    Hi Steve,

    We visited last autumn. The trip was arranged for us by Regina Ribeiro, a Brazilian wildlife guide. ( ) We were taken to a private site; a pocket of remaining habitat where there were 3 troops of Golden Lion Tamarins. Some of the animals are radio collared and most have patches of blackish dye on the tails to differentiate individuals, and helped by a researcher we found them easily, and had superb views and photo opportunities. In the third troop there were a couple of animals without dye or collars, and I must admit that it was these that I concentrated on for photos, but having visited the small research centre afterwards and had a short talk on the research and ongoing conservation work, I came away impressed by the efforts that are being to help in the ongoing survival of these gorgeous primates. I certainly think it is well worth going if you are in the area, and that, for me, they are just as tickable as any other well studied endangered species…

  • Jon Hall

    I have been too and agree with Steve Davis. THe animals were incredibly easy to find but other than that the experience is a ‘wild’ one… It is a little expensive though if you are alone as you need to pay a flat rate fee to visit the site which is the same no matter how many people are in the group (and they only take one group a day). Look out for Dwarf Hairy Porcupines around the visitor centre which are sometimes reported And there are details on my site of people who can organise the trip (at the end of the page)



  • ipswichlister


    I guess I’ll get in touch with them and see who is cheapest! Brazil does seem to be making a rather large hole in my bank balance.

  • ipswichlister

    In case anyone else is interested in future, I contacted Homero. It would cost US $495 each for the two of us, for a day trip. I’m afraid this school teacher’s pockets aren’t that deep.

    • Steve Davis

      We also found the costs of our trip ( arranged through Homero ) very expensive. Having spent 3 weeks in Brazil with Regina and our driver Paulo, I reckon we could have done it for substantially less (maybe 50% !)… We decided to book accomodation, guides and drivers independantly next time – as when you are in Brazil, although it is not a cheap country, it is not half as expensive as it appears from the prices quoted !

  • Steve Babbs

    I’ve booked my stuff myself for this trip, a guided trip to the Pantanal and the rest of the time a hire car and trip reports. The Pantanal is rather pricey; the rest not too bad. Although I miss the mad low prices of Bolivia.

    Would you be able to wander around the edge of one of the reserves and stand a chance? I’m happy to give a donation but US$1000 for the two of us is out of my league.

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