RFI Quito

I will have an afternoon and evening to kill in Quito next week. I was wondering if anyone knows of places near the city to look for mammals. Or of anyone who knows the small rodents and insectivores who might want to go out with me.

I don’t think any of the local guides have ever been asked to try for Rice Rats, LOL.




  • Jon Hall

    John, I will pass the post onto Rich Lindie who used to be a guide there. I don’t know anyone else who can help


  • John Fox

    Thanks Jon. Rich’s write up about Sacha Lodge on your site was very helpful. (I wrangled a day trip to Panacocha for Boto into our tour, I never would have known about the place otherwise)

  • Vladimir Dinets

    If the weather isn’t too bad, take the Teleferico up to the paramo. Usually you can see rabbits during the last few min of the ride, or find them (and, with luck, some high-altitude rodents etc. at dusk) around the upper station. I once hiked back down and saw possible fox tracks along the way, but they were too old to be certain. The Botanical Garden has giant hummingbirds and might have some opossums or other semi-urban stuff. Although Quito has plenty of parks and cathedrals, I don’t remember ever seeing a bat there.

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