New Trip Report – India

Here’s a report of my trip to Mumbai and through the Western Ghats which is ending right now.

Over 40 species including Nilgiri Tahrs and Langurs, Lion-tailed Macaques, Brown Palm Civet, Dusky Striped Squirrel and Sloth Bears.



  • Vladimir Dinets

    The list to bat report doesn’t work.

    I saw the marten in Eravikulam, and got a strong impression that it shouldn’t be considered a separate species 🙂 Also, it took me a lot of time to find the thars, so they are not always easy.

    At Thattekad, the river trail was very good: I saw a tree shrew and found lots of bats in one of riverbank caves. Also found really expensive binoculars off that trail; they had plants growing through them and were a bit moldy, but, once cleaned, worked pretty well – I still use them 🙂

    I missed the elephants by two minutes in Thattekad, but saw some nice squirrels and other rodents.

  • Jon Hall

    OK the bat report works now. I don’t know how long ago you were at Eravikulam but everyone said the Tahrs are very easy there now – perhaps the population has increased.cheers Jon

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