New Trip Report – India

  1. Vladimir Dinets 10 years ago

    The list to bat report doesn’t work.

    I saw the marten in Eravikulam, and got a strong impression that it shouldn’t be considered a separate species 🙂 Also, it took me a lot of time to find the thars, so they are not always easy.

    At Thattekad, the river trail was very good: I saw a tree shrew and found lots of bats in one of riverbank caves. Also found really expensive binoculars off that trail; they had plants growing through them and were a bit moldy, but, once cleaned, worked pretty well – I still use them 🙂

    I missed the elephants by two minutes in Thattekad, but saw some nice squirrels and other rodents.

  2. Profile photo of Jon Hall
    Jon Hall 10 years ago

    OK the bat report works now. I don’t know how long ago you were at Eravikulam but everyone said the Tahrs are very easy there now – perhaps the population has increased.cheers Jon

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