Fishers in the eastern US

I’ve always found fishers to be incredibly cool animals, and have always wanted to see one. In the 90s, they were reintroduced to my home state of Pennsylvania. They appear to be doing extremely well there.

As a conservationist, I find some of the current trends in fisher populations interesting. For years, fishers have been reported as one of those animals that need huge, unbroken tracts of forest…what I would normally associate with places like the Rocky Mountains.

But fishers appear to be doing much better in the eastern United States than in the Rockies. There are more fishers in my home state of Pennsylvania than my current state of Idaho. I wrote a blog at Idaho Nature Notes on this subject, and the fact that fishers may have different needs than we first imagined.

I’d love to spend some time back in Pennsylvania looking around for a fisher. It’s encouraging that they’re now thriving there as they are in Maine and other eastern states.



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