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Hello everyone!  I am leaving for Qinghai in a couple weeks. It’s kind of a spur of the moment trip and I am not able to afford a proper guide for this trip so I am somewhat winging it.  I have a driver who knows the region well and even some of the locations for some species. I am hoping that I can locate some detailed trip reports – place names, general map locations (or even specific locations…), etc etc.  I have seen the trips below and a couple are somewhat informative but most of the reports seem to be vague or simply species lists.  If anyone has any solid information for seeing mammal from Xining to Golmud and a bit beyond, I would be eternally grateful!  Thanks!  Coke

  1. Jon Hall 10 years ago

    Hi Coke, have you trawled through any of the birding reports for the region – on surfbirds or fatbirder for example. SOme of those might help. Jon

  2. Andy Holman 10 years ago

    Hi Coke,

    We had a fantastic trip in July 2010 and saw some mixed groups of Kiang and Chiru with black-necked cranes. The best spot was a road from Qumalai to Bondongquan where we also campled for the niight and probably should have stayed for a few nights,. We also tried to see wild yak at Yeniugou but there was much construction ocurring due to a flood so it was not good–the terrain there was very interesting however, This was all several hours south of Golmud. In any event it is a great place to visit and add to your many excellent blogs.

  3. Author
    Coke Smith 10 years ago

    Thank you so much Andy! Noted and will be putting those places on the “to-go” list.

    • Andy Holman 10 years ago

      Glad to help. I should also mention that we saw blue sheep close to a very interesting monastery called Treidzong Gompa (Monkey Fort made of White Rocks) which is about 30km west of Xinghai.

      There is an interesting article about Yeniugou at http://people.montana.com/~rharris/Harris&Loggers.pdf and some great photos at http://www.milosphotos.com/chinesewildlife1.html–we did not have that kind of luck and Milo’s wild yak photo is a classic,

      • Author
        Coke Smith 10 years ago

        Thanks again! Simply amazing images! I have seen that yak image numerous times before – now I know who took it! And the article you’ve directed me to is fantastic – definitely very helpful. Cheers.

  4. Author
    Coke Smith 10 years ago

    Hey Andy & Jon. Thanks again for the great help for my trip to Qinghai. Just returned this morning with a solid 18+/- species under the belt. 6.5 field days were very lucky indeed, and the help you provided made it all possible. I’ll have a full report up in the coming days…cheers.

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