NEW TRIP REPORTS: Uganda and Rwanda

The last 2 installments of Coke, Som and Cokie Smith’s African Trip are now online.

Rwanda, 2012: Coke Smith, 9 days & 20 species including Chimpanzees and some interesting rodents.

Uganda, 2012: Coke Smith, 13 days & 31 species including Potto, Patas Monkeys and Red Colobus. And check out the photos of the Ruwenzoris… just stunning.



  • Bob Berghaier

    Coke, as always an excellent report and even better photography. Sorry that you had a bad chimpanzee experience at Kibale. Mine in 06 was very different, first seeing two males whom we followed leading us to a large group crossing the trail in front of us.
    I also have a question about your QE National Park sightings, do you hvae pictures or can you describe the impalas that you saw there?

  • Coke Smith

    Hi Bob, thanks for the comments. Sorry for the delay – just returned from Qinghai. Yes, I think the vast majority of the folks who participate in the Habituation Experience have far better luck than we…Just some bad luck for us….But no complaints as it was a stellar summer filled with loads of great mammal viewing… Thanks for the correction on the impala – those were spotted at Lake Mburo – not QE. I did not snap any images sadly. We pretty much flew through that area on the way to Rwanda…Thanks again for checking out our blog.

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