NEW TRIP REPORTS: Uganda and Rwanda

  1. Bob Berghaier 10 years ago

    Coke, as always an excellent report and even better photography. Sorry that you had a bad chimpanzee experience at Kibale. Mine in 06 was very different, first seeing two males whom we followed leading us to a large group crossing the trail in front of us.
    I also have a question about your QE National Park sightings, do you hvae pictures or can you describe the impalas that you saw there?

  2. Coke Smith 10 years ago

    Hi Bob, thanks for the comments. Sorry for the delay – just returned from Qinghai. Yes, I think the vast majority of the folks who participate in the Habituation Experience have far better luck than we…Just some bad luck for us….But no complaints as it was a stellar summer filled with loads of great mammal viewing… Thanks for the correction on the impala – those were spotted at Lake Mburo – not QE. I did not snap any images sadly. We pretty much flew through that area on the way to Rwanda…Thanks again for checking out our blog.

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