New Trip Report Red Pandas in Nepal and a couple of bats in Agra

I was in Nepal and India last month, and though it was mainly work I squeezed in a long weekend to look for Red Pandas in Nepal and a report is here, featuring a gorgeous Red Panda, a couple of interesting rodents and some Assamese Macaques, around a wonderful village.

In India I took a day trip to Agra from Delhi. Armed with advice from Matt Miller I easily found Naked-rumped Tomb Bats in the Agra Fort.

Naked Rumped Tomb Bat

Finding a Lesser Mouse-tailed Bat was more of a challenge, though I did find this sickly looking individual which I believe is that species, rather than is larger cousin (let me know if you have an opinion!).

Lesser Mouse-tailed Bat

Not much mammal watching planned now until Sulawesi at Christmas.




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