New Trip Report – Brazil

  1. Alan 10 years ago

    Awesome report Phil. Just makes me want to head to the Pantanal even more now.

  2. tomeslice 10 years ago

    WOW… Whan an amazing report – it makes my trip report from 2009 (which I was really proud of at the time) look pretty embarassing.. lol.

    I know for Jon the Giant Armadillo is clearly the highlight. But for us simpler people ( 😛 ) Maned Wolf, Margay, Puma, Jaguar, Giant Anteater, Ocelot and the Southern Tamandua are all the highlights as well 🙂

  3. Jon Hall 10 years ago

    ha ha… I have been obsessed with Giant Armadillos since I saw a photo of one last time I was in the Pantanal. They look like they should be on Fraggle Rock. They are on my top 10 bucket list at the moment.

  4. tomeslice 10 years ago

    I think you mentioned that before..
    I’m not even allowed to make a “top 10” bucket list since I still haven’t been to Australia, Tropical Asia or Africa. Though the latter is being at the end of this upcoming February.

    But if I was allowed to make one, I’m sure clouded leopard, snow leopard, margay, bush dog and at least 1 pangolin would be on there. (As would tiger, all other cats besides the 3 I’ve seen, all the australian mammals, the lemurs… arghhh. Thank god I’m only 27)

  5. kittykat23uk 10 years ago

    The Pantanal is one of my all-time favourite destinations, though I have only been once because I want to take my OH back when I return. 🙂

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