• Leslie Sokolow

    Timo, please give more information about Ein Shahak? Is this a location inside Mizpat Ramon?

    • Timo Marijnissen


      Ein Shahak is just south of Hatseva, west of highway 90. Ein Shahak is clearly signposted just north of the km 150 marker of highway 90. Here, take the dirtroad west for a couple of kilometers untill you reach a small parking lot. I saw the Arabian Oryx in the desert west of the parking lot.

      Regards, Timo

      • Leslie Sokolow

        Thanks, Timo. I just found it on a satellite map. I would never have known about it without your sharing. I fell in love with the Yotvata Wildlife Reserve after visiting a few years ago and plan to return to the area in 2014.

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