• Vladimir Dinets

    Nice trip. I haven’t seen any civets at Tangkoko in 5 nights of spotlighting, but briefly saw a spotted cuscus in elfine forest near the summit. The park deserves more than a two-day visit; it has very different habitats at higher elevations and on Lembeh Strait coast. I’d recommend taking a guide to the summit during the day and then returning there by yourself at night; the trail is easy to follow.

    BN Wartabone has relatively few mammals: I only got 3 spp. there in 48 hours (one bat, one rat and one sq.), plus the civet along the access road.

  • brugiere dominique

    You got the bad luck to get Risno as guide in Nantu. This guy, not guide doesn’t know anything. He is the”guide” I paid and who scared the animals by smoking in the hide. But we don’t have the choice, he is working at the “Conservasi” (for the forest, not for the wildlife) and is sent by his boss with apparently all the tourists. On the photo I recognised the “homestay” (family of Risno) where I stayed and was overcharged (I don’t think by the owners, but by the boss of Risno.) There is better accomodation at the
    school and it is where groups sleep.
    The civet is extremely rare in Tangkoko. One guide from this place
    saw it only twice in his life.
    The Dwarf cuscus is inTangkoko, but rare and apparently nocturnal, according to local people. I was unlucky to find a guide to look for it in Bunaken (I was told they are very rare now, because people it them).

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