Whale trips, Sable Island and the world

Hi all

I just found out about a trip this June to the gulley east of Sable Island. They have a permit to go into the protected area, and have apparently had much success seeing Northern Bottlenose Whales. If anyone can lend me $3600 I’ll pay it back. Really, I will. There’s a link to the brochure here:


I also found this site, which has 42 pages of whale watching trips around the world. Man, I’ve spend a lot of time trying to find trips:



  • Maurice Tijm

    Thank you for sharing John! That latter website has really been growing the last year I see! I will put aside my intentions to built such a site myself and will write some reviews on there instead. Good luck whalewatching

  • vdinets

    AFAIK, the Gully is not in a protected area that you need a permit for; only Sable Island is. I suspect it might be possible to get to the Gully cheaper on a fishing boat.

    • John Fox

      It looks like the classic “vague language” deal. The gulley is a Marine Protected Area, you are not allowed to “disturb, damage or destroy in the Gully Marine Protected Area, or remove from it, any living marine organism or any part of its habitat”. So who knows what disturb means. If I had a boat available I’d certainly try it.

      • vdinets

        I don’t think it means anything that’s not in Marine Mammals Protection Act. It is even possible that there is some fishing in the area, in which case you could simply hitch a ride.

  • vdinets

    Great Pacific Adventures claim seeing false killer whales off Vancouver. I wonder if it’s a typo, a single record, or a real thing.

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