• Alan

    Very nice report Cheryl. Too bad about the Pygmy Marmoset. We saw them last year at the boat transfer point for NWC which is just a bit off the Napo River and is the “Guard Station” you mention I believe. They were not 100 yards from that point deep in the bush but we had a great guide who could mimic their calls to lure them out. Hopefully, they aren’t gone for good from that area.

    Also, great shots of the tapir. That’s awesome that it followed you around. Tame or not, I would kill for that experience.

    Sounds like you had a great trip. It is a fantasic area of the world.

  • Cheryl Antonucci

    Thanks Alan! I actually read your trip report before I left and that was what made me ask the Napo people about the marmosets. I went to Sacha so confident that I would see one, then nothing. Our poor guide and tracker looked at so many possible trees on and off trail. It is a beautiful area I agree. It is sad about the demands the government is making from the rest of the world money wise not to do more oil drilling, I doubt they will come up with the money they want. My guide did say that the wildlife mammal wise around Shiripuno (the lodge Jon mentioned at the end of his blog) is fantastic as well as the variety, so a place to go back! I still think about that tapir!

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