African Wolf discovered in Morocco

  1. PandaSmith 9 years ago

    I am definitely no canid expert but those sure looked like C. aureus to me….Is there complete agreement out there about this discovery? Feel free to slap me right back in to my proper place…

    • Dan rosen 9 years ago

      I agree with Panda Smith. I live in an area were there are still a few wolves but out numbered by jackals, ~1:1000. Telling the difference between wolves and jackals in the field is hard. True, wolves weigh 2-3 times more than Jackals, but again assessing size without something to compare to is hard. The main difference is the heavier bottom jaw of wolves while jackals have a “foxy” face. The filmed animals look more like jackals. Personally I am very careful before crying “wolves”. Almost all my observations, (not many), were confirmed by the presence of jackals on the scene or by voice, yelling and beautiful warning barks.

  2. morganchurchill 9 years ago

    The whole african wolf thing is complicated, as IIRC many of the african wolf populations were assumed to be Golden Jackals before genetic tests were done. Because of that, I am not sure how field separable they really are.

  3. moh 6 years ago

    i dont understand why these socalled expert are so baffled , i am a berber from the rif mountains and my parents always talk about how when they were young there always were wolves and hyenas. the fact that there is a berber word for wolf is evidence of its existence. i therefore know for a fact that there were always wolves in northern morocco sadly enough they dissapeared .

    • Jon Hall 6 years ago

      Thanks – that is a really good point!

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