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A chum is just back from Sichuan with a birding tour run by Zoothera; the 2013 trip report is not yet up but they had hog badger and red panda. The 2012 Birdquest trip to this region had hog badger also and their trip report is posted. (This is a UK tour company; their sightings are extremely reliable.)

Charles Hood, Palmdale, California


  • mauricetijm

    Fantastic animal. Filling in ‘hog badger’ on cloudbirders revealed quite a number of sightings in Sichuan including the Birdquest report. This report by Jonathan Martinez in Hu Ping Shan National Reserve ( Hunan Province) is interesting with 2 sightings in 6 days and many camera trap sightings. The place sounds great:

    • PandaSmith

      We’ve seen Hog Badger in Khao Yai NP Thailand on a couple occassions. Seems to be a fairly reliable spot with luck and a spot lighter willing to go off the beaten path a bit…..You won’t see anything but deer and a civet or two on the normal night drives offered there….

    • Jon Hall

      Thanks Maurice, that’s an interesting report! cheers jon

      • brugiere dominique

        In 2010, during a tour in Sichuan with Birquest I saw a Red Panda in Wolong and Hog Badger (by full daylight) near Balang Shan (the guide from Birquest didn’t know what it was and ven didn’t know what was Tufted deer (I saw several).
        An english guide from Sichuan saw also Hog badger near Balang Shan in 2010.

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