• vdinets

    Cheryl: yes, I’ve done the walk on San Miguel in 2003. It’s totally worth the effort, but the chances for Guadalupe fur seal are slim. Also, you have to watch the rookery from a few hundred meters away. If you want really good looks at Northern fur seals, just throw in another 4k$ and go to the Pribilofs 🙂
    At that time there was only one wild fox left on San Miguel, plus a few in large enclosures.

  • Curtis Hart

    I’m being told by someone that worked on San Miguel this spring, that foxes are easy there and seen daily. They are more skittish than Santa Cruz though. She did not see any Fur Seals when she was there.

  • CAntonucci

    I figured you went Vladimer. How hard was the hike to get to the overlook point? I figure 15 miles of strenuous I better be wowed! I actually almost went to St George (pribilofs) this year, but ended up with my Ecuador trip instead. I have a friend that is trying to talk me into going to see those “big white fish” in Guadalupe sometime, I guess I could see the fur seal then if I go. I also saw on your page you did the Magdalen Islands harp seal trip. I did that last year, it was so amazing!Once you go to Sri Lanka will you have any mammals left to see?
    Curtis, good to know about the San Miguel fox. My friend I went to Santa Cruz with now wants to try to see all the foxes if possible.

    • vdinets

      It wasn’t particularly difficult (and the trail is not that strenuous), but the trip overall is a bit tough: you have to haul your camping gear from the beach to the campsite up a long flight of steep, slippery stairs. One guy fell on these stairs, broke an ankle and had to be airlifted to Ventura.
      The island is very different from Sta Cruz, with moist climate and unusual vegetation. I think I’ll try to talk my wife into going there next spring (we are moving to CA in December).
      After Sri Lanka I’ll still have a few thousand species left, yes 🙂

  • vnsankar

    I saw Catalina Island Ground Squirrel, Catalina Island Deer Mouse (at night near a campground), and Island Fox in a couple of days in summer 2011 on the Island. Most people who I talked to said the foxes were pretty easy around campgrounds at night (this was near Two Harbors). I saw a dead Catalina Harvest Mouse.

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